Wolf Brigade

Something I had doodled for my boyfriend quickly and am working on remaking.




Sugar Cat

Art for my boyfriend, Joel, of his feline character – Garus



Circus (Smaller)

Theme: Circus
Extras: Chain
my first part for the base race 2017 – for Pixel-Glam.com
tooled digital doll – in Paint tool Sai

— Credits —
Chain Stock (used as reference) by: celairen-stock and it is here: Chains
Grunge Circus (Used as texture in bg)  by: WheelOfFish and it is here: Grunge Circus
Base is by: phoenix1784 and it is here: Tiny Dancer base

One Eyed Bat

A new drawing of a bat I sketched in Paint tool Sai.
Available as a print.

The initial sketch:

Bat Sketch


The Colored version:

One Eyed Bat

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